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  • 12.03.2020
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Category: Hardcore

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Tygogal | 21.03.2020
Hhmmmm Fucking Lekker Kontje Vooral voor een Aziat Hmmmmm Zou Mijn KWAKJE DIEP In der Kutje Gespoten Hebben (Y (Y (Y)
Kagataxe | 13.03.2020
Nature is cruel. Blue jays are infamous for doing this, but another is cats. Cats by nature never lost their instinctive desire to hunt. That's why at a cat sanctuary I once worked at, a condition for adoption was that they were to remain indoors. Not just for the cat's benefit (they live longer, generally remain more healthy) but for the natural habitat. I have a neighbor's chubby black and white (what's called a tuxedo) cat always coming into my front yard, trying to climb my walnut tree to get near the bird feeder and ultimately the birds. I've talked to the neighbors about what the cat has been doing. I'm getting upset with their "oh well, the cat just keeps crying to go out so eventually we just give in." Even after explaining how many birds this cat has killed just for the thrill of killing. Now, I just leave the bird corpses on their door.
Dajar | 21.03.2020
Austin Lynn
Arashitaur | 18.03.2020
Amanda Mariee
Moogule | 18.03.2020
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