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  • 12.12.2018
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Goltikazahn | 18.12.2018
You are very beautiful. Just wanted to say hi.
Vim | 13.12.2018
Bland hookup, but she's truly hot.
Mujin | 20.12.2018
I ugly cried. So hard. When Bran said his path led him home to Winterfell my eyes watered and when he said Theon was a good man and thanked him, that was the end of it and I just started bawling. I loved to hate him but his death was so perfectly noble that I just can’t even.
Grokasa | 20.12.2018
Toss this one like a live grenade!
Nikok | 18.12.2018
I have met my capacity to deal with shit today. And will be getting a new job hopefully by the end of the month. Have one position where they seem super excited about me. Have a chat with person tomorrow. Could be okay depending on what the schedule is like — I really need telework.

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